Single or multi tier backup which is best?

Backing up enterprise data is extremely important these days, especially, when data loss issues like ransomware are on mounting prowl. Thus, IT Managers and decision makers should think ahead and invest in the safety of their business data before an issue arises in which data could go inaccessible forever.

This is where having a backup copy of data shows its prominence and that’s due to the fact that it would likely cost more money to recover lost data that it would to back it up in the first place.

There are different backup solutions depending on your needs, such as a single or multi tier backup and both have their own quality and reasoning. So, this article will attempt to expose the difference between them

Single tier backup- As the name itself suggests, only a single machine is involved in backing the data. This machine reads from the source and writes to a target appliance. This backup option is well suited for environments where backup source and target are close to each other. Single tier backup appliances are not accessible via internet without some help from a third party.

A single tier backup must be used by a single user environment and both the source and the target must remain connected to each other. Synchronization of backups with multiple machines must be done on a manual note. Most single tier backup repositories do not allow sharing of files via internet.

Multi Tier backup- In this backup variant, a single machine reads from source, while another machine writes to destination. This backup solution is well suited for environments where source and destination are far apart and are connected through internet. Multi tier backup only transfer and backup the modified part within a file, which is known as delta or delta backup. The backup up file can be accessed from anywhere, via a web browser.

In a multi tier backup environment, several users can backup to a single repository. The source machine can be dynamic meaning it can be moved relative to the destination. For example, users can backup data from their laptops to a central server. This backup arrangement can also serve as a file sharing resource and has the ability to synchronize multiple machines automatically.


If you are looking for local backup where the source and destination are close by, single tier backup is the way to go. On the other hand, if you are looking for backup where the source and destination are far apart, multi tier backup will be a better choice.

Need more sophistication…..?

StoneFly, Inc, a wholly owned business subsidiary of DNF Corporation is offer sophistication driven backup and disaster recovery appliances in its product catalog.

StoneFly DR365 Fusion Cluster is an all in one hyper converged backup and disaster recovery appliance that provides to users a total backup solution from all physical and virtual servers and workstations in a single box which is highly available and scalable. Users can manage all their backup operations through a single central management console, which is highly redundant and reliable. An embedded clustered hypervisor failover allows backed up VMs and new user created VMs can be spun up directly on the DR365 Fusion Cluster Appliance.

StoneFly Z series and M series of backup appliances- These appliances can backup data from multiple resources which can also be geographically separated. Backup from physical as well as virtual appliance is possible through this appliance. Services like data compression and deduplication, Cloud replication and bare metal recovery are supported.

Cloud based backup and recovery- For those who are interested in going for cloud based backup services, StoneFly offers Cloud backup connect and CDR365. The former allows users to backup data from their workstations and servers and is compatible with any existing enterprise backup software. StoneFly CDR365 automates data backups to secure cloud storage. The application combines easy to use interface with powerful functionality making a disaster recovery plan simple, reliable and affordable.


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