StoneFly backups can save you from Ransomware threats!

Ransomware is quickly becoming an increasingly popular way for malware authors to extort money from consumers and companies. It has actually turned into an epidemic engulfing the world of digital storage at an alarming rate. Technically speaking, Ransomware is a type of malware that restricts access to files or systems with encryption until the victim pays the ransom for the key to unlock them.

Hence, the only way to save your valuable data from this dreaded demon is to have an active backup process in place. A backup helps in maintaining a duplicate copy of the production data on another appliance or cloud which when needed can be utilized as an actual copy in absence of the first copy.

So, the single biggest thing that will defeat ransomware is having a regularly updated backup copy.

Let’s understand it further with a simple example- Suppose you were attacked with Ransomware you may lose that document you started earlier this morning, but if you can restore your system to an earlier snapshot or clean up your machine and restore our other lost documents from backup, you can rest easy.

All this means only one thing and that is when a ransomware strikes, only a good backup can save your files, your money and your dignity in business arena.

StoneFly, Inc. a business unit of DNF Corporation offers physical as well as cloud based backup solutions in its product catalog. Therefore, companies looking to upgrade their backup environments or planning to go for new installation can approach this Silicon Valley based company.

StoneFly DR365 allows users to consolidate all of their server, storage and backup systems into one easy to manage appliance with central management console for handling all backup operations.

Similarly, StoneFly Z series of backup appliance offers a total backup solution for all your physical and virtual server needs. Users can manage all of their backup operations for their data center or office with a single management console. An embedded hypervisor allows backed up Vms and new users created VMs to be spun up directly on the Z series of appliance.

For startup companies which do not have huge amounts of data, SStoneFly M series of backup applianceswill be an ideal solution to consider.

As cloud based backup is on great demand these days, StoneFly also offers StoneFly Cloud Connect and StoneFly CDR365.

StoneFly Cloud Backup Connect is an easy and affordable way to begin storing backups in cloud. Compatible with all leading backup software’s in the world, this solution directly records the backup copies to cloud.

StoneFly CDR365 is a perfect online backup solution that automates data backup to secure cloud storage. The application combines easy to use interface with a powerful functionality making a disaster recovery plan simple, reliable and affordable.

To compare all these solutions click on the StoneFly Backup appliance comparison page.


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