Tips to protect your video surveillance equipment from lightning

Protecting video surveillance equipment from lightning strikes is not an easy task. However, a few simple and inexpensive tricks can help in reducing the impact of it on CCTV equipment.

First of all, the fact is nothing in the world can prevent a direct lightning strike and that’s because the result will be a smoking melted down blob of carbon and metal.

However, if the lightning strike is somewhat off center or just nearby, then there is a chance for electronic equipment to survive, provided certain precautions are taken to protect the electronic components from over voltage and over current.

Below are tips that help protect your video surveillance equipment from lightning

  • Always avoid security camera installation on metal surface- Always avoid mounting security camera on a metal surface. This can help in keeping the camera safe when the building is hit by lightning.
  • Security camera grounding- Whenever lightning strikes a surveillance camera, power has to go somewhere. Redirect it away from any NVR/DVR by making sure your CCTV is grounded correctly. While your camera will be damaged, you can significantly reduce the damage to the rest of the system, making replacement much easier and cheaper.
  • Always use a surge protector- A surge protector is a great way to protect your surveillance equipment. If a CCTV is hit by lightning then the surge protector will divert the power which is above the standard 120volts away from the NVR/DVR and into the power outlet’s grounding wire instead. Surge protectors are easy and affordable devices which protect sensitive equipment from power fluctuations and lightning strikes.
  • Use an uninterruptable power supply- Even if your NVR/DVR is not ruined by a lightning strike, it doesn’t mean that it is completely safe during thunderstorms. Imagine, if power goes due to a lightning strike else where, then your recording equipment will stop recording and you may loose valuable video evidence. You can prevent this situation by connecting the DVR and security cameras to UPS resources so no matter what happens to your building, your CCTV equipment will stay safe from any kind of troubles.

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