US law enforcement can break into 30 million security surveillance camera soon

Computer scientists from Purdue University of United States are working on a technology which will allow law enforcement forces to break into 30 million security surveillance cameras which aren’t password protected or are using default passwords. The technology is said to help law enforcement to take advantage of information that’s streaming out of these devices.

The Visual Analytics Law Enforcement toolkit is said to super impose the rate and location of crimes and the location of police surveillance cameras. The toolkit further reveals the location and orientation of public network cameras, like the one outside your apartment or on the roadway.

While some are optimistic about the implementation of the technology to prevent crime, others are concerned that the law and its implementation will be exploited in such a way that people will feel the need of more privacy laws.

The project being developed from past two years has been taken up by a team of researchers led by David Ebert, an electrical and computer engineer at Purdue University.

Ebert disclosed that Purdue limits access to only registered users to this government funded project and requires them to agree not to use the platform to determine the identity of any specific individuals contained in any video or video stream. He added that the new technology which is in development stage has been tested and the results were amazingly reaching their expectations.

More details are awaited!



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