DNF Cloud Connection helps protect video evidence!

Imagine, one of your retail customers comes to your desk and reports that she fell down on the floor of one of your retail sections and as a result sprained her leg, due to which she couldn’t attend a job interview the next day? She also alleges that the incident took place some months back and she lost a costly diamond studded necklace in the fall.

Even the worst part is that she demands a compensation of 10 million for all the trauma she had to go through and for the loss of her job and her diamond studded necklace.

What will you do and what will be your next step…?

Well, whether you are a decision maker or a manager the very first thing you will do is to check for evidence and that is to search for the date she visited your store and see whether the said activity has taken place at your premises in the CCTV video.

If you have the video saved in your external hard drive, it is well and good.

But imagine, if the date she specified is beyond the 60-day video retention date which you usually follow in your premises.

Then hell will break for sure, as she will file a case, and the law might ask you pay the said compensation to the victim as she has the bill proving that she shopped at your store on that particular day and has lost a lot in her life.

This is where retaining CCTV videos on an economic note makes sense. As organizations are managing a greater number of incidents and critical events are being recorded by surveillance systems, users must purchase additional storage to cope with retention requirements of video evidence, and must organize an expanding number of DVDs in their archives.

Purchasing new equipment for archival purposes or maintaining archives on a manual note is not an easy task in practical. It involves a lot of manual work and most importantly all this needs investment.

This is where cloud based archives allow security surveillance users to seamlessly transfer recordings to the cloud in an economical way. Cloud based archival service also helps in cutting down the costs involved in purchasing additional appliances or hardware. It also makes all archives easily accessible to security surveillance managers when additional review is required.

All DNF Security Falcon series of video storage appliances can be integrated to DNF Cloud Connection on demand. So, users can store all the active data on the physical appliance and move the inactive data to cloud. System admins can define the exact series of recording that are transferred to the cloud, allowing them to maintain secure and redundant set of recordings of critical events for an extended period.

Now, if in case, you face the situation specified above, you can easily pick out the data of recording from the cloud and prove that the customer claiming to have sprained her leg at your store and lost her valuable necklace is completely false. You can also file petition against the woman saying that her false case has maligned the image of your store in the market and so claim a hefty compensation.

What you say….?


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