StoneFly Super Scale out NAS is ideal for K12 schools struggling with curriculum changes

K12 schools operating in US need to change their syllabus as per the revolutionizing world. But the syllabus change not only rises issues related to training the students with the new curriculum, it also puts a lot of stress on the IT infrastructure.

Imagine, as soon as the syllabus change is implemented, all the students as well as teachers and parents(in some cases) start accessing the new digital files containing the new content. So, as the access count increases, systems become slower as time progresses.

Therefore, the need to find a storage solution that can offer better performance to withstand the large amount of people accessing content increases for K12 schools. Also if they want to cut down physical server hardware to reduce overall electricity costs, they need to implement virtual servers. And not all current day storage solutions can take all this intriguing load at a time.

StoneFly Super Scale Out NAS Storage appliances deliver unprecedented performance and scalability. Each node on StoneFly SSO can scale up to 256 drives and up to 2 Petabytes of storage per node. This appliance is perfect for managing large quantities of unstructured data within a single global namespace and a single file system. StoneFly SSO NAS was designed for markets which require fast throughput for very large files.

So, organizations which have thousands of students accessing online educational content and training will definitely need a StoneFly SSO NAS storage appliance.

By using StoneFly SSO, K12 schools can also run Hyper V and VMware servers and can migrate them across various physical severs in the event of maintenance requirements. The throughput provided by SSO NAS is easily comparable to that of a high end SAN at a greatly reduced cost.

Moreover, storage admins can create volumes and LUNs via a web interface and sharing folders is also simple on this platform.

To know more click on StoneFly SSO NAS for K12 schools


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