StoneFly IP SAN customers get remote backup services on an exclusive note

StoneFly, Inc knows how valuable data is to its customers and so it offers remote backup services through its cloud business center for backup and disaster recovery needs. Technically speaking, in order to maintain data continuity during a disaster, data should be stored in more than one location, requiring a remote host to be highly available. But most of the enterprises have only one data center i.e. their server room.

Imagine, if a catastrophic disaster like fire, flood or tsunami strikes your main office. Then the branched offices should wait till you recover from the disaster and restore data on the appliance. This surely leads to certain downtime and in some cases it can take days to recover.

StoneFly, Inc offers a hybrid cloud backup to all its StoneFly IP SAN users on demand. Customers can remotely backup their data to Cloud Business Center (CBC) to avail enterprise grade cloud backup and disaster recover services ideal to protect both physical and virtual environments.

It is an end-to-end affordable, next-generation hybrid cloud backup that allows you to choose the best backup strategy for your company’s evolving needs. If access to data at the local site is lost, administrators can gain immediate control of data at the remote location, enabling quick redirection of application services and restoration of local access.

StoneFly’s Cloud Business Center (private cloud) effectively protects your valuable data and simplifies disaster recovery. This wholly owned business subsidiary of DNF Corporation carefully maintains world-class datacenters with geographic diversity, high availability, abundant bandwidth, scalable computing resources and redundant security features.

Hence, the said hybrid cloud strategy can prove as an affordable and scalable data continuity strategy for organizations with no current off-site archiving.



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