DNF helps maintain cloud based recordings for disaster recovery

In large scale video surveillance environments, beyond the cost of purchasing additional hardware, there are other expenses which also must be considered, including electricity bill, cooling costs and maintenance costs. When it comes to disaster recovery a secondary appliance on premises can act as a failover for critical data and can also serve as a backup resource.

But what if a disaster strikes the entire data center?

This is where DNF Cloud Connection can prove useful to customers who are looking for cloud based disaster recovery for video surveillance needs.

Technically speaking, DNF cloud connection is a video archival solution which can be used to store video archives(cold data) related to surveillance. But if users demand, DNF Security engineers can architect the solution to meet their disaster recovery needs on an economic note.

  • Cloud based disaster recovery for surveillance eliminates large scale capital purchase, as users just need to pay a monthly fee that is less up-front, and usually less in total, than buying it straight out.

  • Also any service which is cloud based weeds out management of infrastructure trouble forever. Therefore, CFOs can redeploy the same resources on things that actually improve the organization.

  • Cloud based disaster recovery service meant for surveillance can also cut down footprint in a data center. This is really important for many clients who are running out of space or paying rent on Colocation space.

Disaster recovery in cloud helps store and bank branches to mitigate the risk of video loss in the event of a smash-and-grab by maintaining redundant recordings of the last 24 hours in the cloud. They can also claim insurance for their damaged offices in a tsunami or tornado by showing recordings from cloud to the estimator.

Hence, all this leads to one thing and that is you can be prepared to bounce back quickly with a well-architected, thoroughly tested disaster recovery solution for your security surveillance applications.


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