How to recycle ewaste in a responsible way

For those who are concerned about Mother Nature and want to protect it to core, here’s good news.

You can do it by properly recycling your electronic waste. Yes, the same waste which you generate after buying new electronics for your house or office.

Electronic waste from equipment like Computers includes dangerous chemicals like lead, cadmium, beryllium, mercury, and brominated flame retardants. When we disposed e-waste in an irresponsible way, these hazardous materials have a high risk of polluting the air, contaminating soil, and leaching into water resources.

From here, the problem intensifies. For example-water flows through the landfill and picks up trace elements from these dangerous minerals. Eventually the contaminated landfill water gets through layers of soil and reaches natural groundwater contaminating it with lethal toxicity. Then you can easily imagine what will follow…..isn’t it?

This is where recycling e-waste in a safe way attains prominence. Hand over your electronic waste to a responsible and certified e-waste recycler like DNF Recycling which is committed to safety and responsible recycling of electronics. The recycling process is performed with full compliance from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

DNF Recycling also carefully disassembled and parts will be sorted based upon their recyclable properties and whether or not they contain hazardous properties. For an extra fee, DNF will also ease data from your drives.

What’s more? DNF will also offer credit facility for new IT equipment purchase to corporate firms based on certain benchmarks.

Call DNF Recycling to know more


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