Hyper Converged infrastructure offers the following benefits to your data center

Planning to upgrade your enterprise data center with hyper converged infrastructure? If that’s the case, then it can prove as a prominent move as Hyper Converged infrastructure offers the following benefits-

  • A single vendor solution conceptualization presents economies of scale in design, delivery, operations and support.
  • As hyper convergence is more software centric than hardware, it provides to enterprise IT managers the flexibility to meet current as well as future business needs without neutering infrastructure components. Moreover, replacement of hardware is not needed when a new feature is updated to the software.
  • A centralized system and management offers single pane of glass.
  • Workload migration instances can be done with utmost agility.
  • Since, Hyper Converged Infrastructure is highly scalable, infrastructure costs can be controlled to a great extent along with better resource utilization. Thence, demand for more resources from businesses can be proportionately met.
  • Administrators who focus more on VMs rather than data center or underlying services can breathe a sigh of relief as hyper converged infrastructure are VM centric and this comforts the job of admins as virtual machines are basic constructs.
  • Storage admins need not worry about blended I/Os as hyper convergence allows different applications to be driven into a single shared resource pool.
  • Hyper Converged appliances have inbuilt backup, recovery and disaster recovery tools for continuous data protection.
  • Hyper convergence allows efficient VDI deployment, minimizing VDI login storms with better and predictable performance at peak demand.
  • As hyper convergence offers easy automation with centralized management tools, it makes the life of admins simple.
  • Can be utilized for distributed NoSQL and Hadoop based applications

StoneFly, Inc, a wholly owned business unit of DNF Corporation can offer you Hyper Converged solution as per your data center needs. StoneFly USS HA Cluster Hyper Converged appliances are server and storage systems packed in one easy to manage, fully redundant, highly available modular appliance. Use of virtualized operating systems allows complete hardware utilization and considerable reduction in power/cooling costs. StoneFly Unified Storage & server Hyper converged appliances can replace the “ Fixed Hardware Model’ of the past with on-demand resource allocation based on enterprise application needs.

For more details just give them a call and start a conversation


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