Get a smart tiered storage with StoneFly Integrated SAN

StoneFly, Inc, a wholly owned business subsidiary of DNF Corporation is offering a smart tiered storage appliance which has SSD and hard disk drives populated in it. The StoneFly Integrated SAN is being offered in large storage capacities at a low price and is available in 6Gb SATA, SAS or SSD combinations of 4, 6,8,12,16,18,24 and 36 drives per unit.

Additionally, StoneFly ISC GS Class IP SAN appliances are loaded with award winning StoneFusion operating system which simplifies storage implementation and management by using storage Virtualization.

StoneFly Smart Tiered storage enables data storage administrators to easily and interactively match application driven price, performance, and availability requirements to storage system characteristics. StoneFusion provides an easy to use interface for performing transparent, non-disruptive data volume management across heterogeneous storage media. It also allows admins to quickly provision storage to meet application deployment requirements and then fine-tune provisioning using multidimensional storage tiers.

StoneFly StoneFusion offers tiered storage in an in-complex way by masking the underlying complexity of data migration between the media. Moreover, the whole data migration process does not require the administrator to master the operation of complex storage and analysis.

StoneFusion propelled StoneFly Integrated SANs simplify the task of optimizing storage infrastructure to satisfy application storage requirements. It allows fine tuning and error correction of storage provisioning without application outages.

Thus, the smart tiered storage offered with StoneFly Integrated SANs safely moves data when application requirements increase or decrease and easily fine tunes volume provisioning via GUI.

Click on StoneFly Integrated Storage Concentrator to know more



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