SSD makers shipped massive 10 Exabyte’s of capacity in Q1 2016!

Solid state drive makers have collectively announced that they have shipped 30.8 million SSDs during the first quarter of 2016, amounting to 10 Exabytes of flash storage. The report from Trendfocus says that enterprise SSD Market saw growth in all segments- SATA, SAS and PCle and directly hints that the future of HDD is bleak.

The report also specified that Samsung is the undisputed leader in terms of both units shipped (42%) and total capacity (51%). SanDisk- now a business unit of Western Digital stands second in place for having shipped over 12 percent of all SSDs and nearly 10 percent of SSD capacity.

Trendfocus said that forty percent of all NAND flash chip output last quarter made its way into SSDs which were either pledged into all flash storage systems or the hybrid storage. The rest went into tablets, phones and other devices.

Despite the PC downturn, vendors made some gains in the client SSD space in Q1.

According to the survey suppliers shipped 27 million SSDs, a 4 percent quarterly increase. The market for drive form factor SSDs, typically of the 2.5-inch variety, edged out SSD modules by rising 5 percent, quarter-to-quarter. This clearly reflects the phase of down PC market in CQ1 ’16 as modules are somewhat tied directly to PC demand with system OEMs.

Last year, worldwide PC shipments dropped 8 percent to 288.7 million units compared to 2014, according to figures released by IDC.

For Q1 2016, the research firm said vendors shipped 60.6 million PCs, an 11.5 percent year-over-year decline.

Among the market leaders, HP was the hardest hit with a 10.8 percent drop, followed by Lenovo and Asus, with declines of 8.5 percent and 8.3 percent, respectively.

This boils down to prove one point and that is in a very short span, the PC market must still grapple with limited consumer interest and competition from other infrastructure upgrades in the commercial market.

Nevertheless, IDC still projects total business IT spending to grow compared to 2015, and as we head toward the end of 2016.

Hope, Microsoft’s Windows 10 brings in some cheer to market as it plans to discontinue free OS upgrade from July end this year.


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