Don’t upgrade to Windows 10 Operating system says Samsung

Samsung Electronics which produces Laptops to PC market is directly discouraging its customers who are upgrading to Windows 10 Operating system. It is a known fact that Microsoft is offering a free upgrade from Win 7 and 8/8.1 platforms to Windows 10 till July 29th, 2016. After the said date, all free upgrades will be charged at $119 per PC.

Thus, Samsung users who were upgrading to the new OS platform were being discouraged by the support staff of the South Korea based electronics giant. Reason- they say that the drivers loaded on their company’s PCs are not supportive and so won’t work on the new platform.

Even after one year, when the company failed to provide reliable support for the upgrade, the readers started to approach the company directly via email in Feb this year. To their surprise, the support staff advised them to stop approaching them and instead reach out to Microsoft.

When Microsoft was informed about the scenario, its spokesperson politely stated in its statement that both the companies are committed to Windows 10, and are working closely together to provide the best possible Windows 10 upgrade experience.

However, the support staff of Samsung say a different version. First, they do not have any info on when their company will release supportive drivers. Secondly, they are directly asking users to either purchase a new laptop with a fresh Windows 10 install or ask Microsoft for compensation.

Last year, the same thing happened when the support staff of HP and Dell failed to offer a proper explanation for Win 10 upgrade on their companies respective laptops.


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