Survey confirms that data loss on SSDs is more than on hard drives

Kroll Ontrack, the provider of data recovery and ediscovery services has disclosed its latest survey details in which it specified that data recovery on SSDs was difficult than on hard drives. Over one-third of survey respondents indicated they experienced a failure with SSD and of those, 23 percent lost data.

“Businesses and consumers continue to move toward SSD technology,” said Jeff Pederson, senior manager for data recovery at Kroll Ontrack. “Aside from the sheer speed and reliability of solid state drives, prices have decreased to become more competitive with traditional storage. Nevertheless, users are less than perfect and, as our research shows, failures do occur.”

Pederson added, “While adoption of SSD is up and failure rates between SSD and HDD are consistent, the types of failure are generally different. With hard drives, a bad motor or scratch in the platter can cause failure. Because there are no moving parts in SSDs, general electric failure or wear leveling failure are more common. When failure leads to data loss, it’s not uncommon for IT admins and consumers to utilize data recovery software to attempt recovery, as demonstrated by nearly three-quarters of respondents who took that approach.”

So, does the survey indicate that SSD are more vulnerable to data loss than hard drives?

No! They are not. As everything depends on the usage, the environment they are being used, environmental conditions, and the purpose of their deployment.


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