What does a Data Center Infrastructure Management tool offer

Data Center Infrastructure Management(DCIM) encompasses various tools that enable organizations to measure, track, control and manage various data center resources. The tool also helps in smartly keeping a track of energy consumption by various components of a data center.

Thus, on an overall note, DCIM serves as an actionable insight to those managing server farms. These insights help decision makers streamline various IT operations and work out resource optimization strategies applicable to space, digital systems, power, cooling systems and human resources deployed at the facility

Want to know how this is possible in detail? Just follow the article on a further note.

DCIM helps in collecting info on physical assets including racks and HVAC and power equipment, cooling and thermal data, circuit capabilities and data center layout.

It helps in integrating power, storage and circuit equipment manufactured by different vendors. This facilitates, real time monitoring of systems, their power consumption abilities and measurement of environmental data like environmental pressures, the state of the environment and the impacts on ecosystem.

Data Center Infrastructure Management software helps in conducting data center operations on a successful note. As the software tool is automated, it updates its own configuration and acts in accordance with the data center operational scenarios architected by managers/operators.

DCIM offers a central data center control dashboard, with complete alerts. It is through this tool, managers can visualize through a graphical interface all data center operations of all domains including facilities( rack, power systems, raised floors, probes), networking equipment( SAN, LAN, Cables, WAN etc) and systems including servers, mainframes, VMs, apps, storage etc.

Data Center Infrastructure Management software helps in efficiently managing power in data centers. Over the years, the energy savings resulting from the implementation of a fine power management strategy can match up the ongoing costs incurred on DCIM maintenance and fees.

An automated tool should support quick and satisfactory deployment of newer systems and their physical and logical components. Capacity planning tools, on the other hand, can help determine the requirement for future modeling, what-if analysis, power, rack space, floor area etc. DCIM offers all these services as single plane of glass.

Now, to all those who are looking for an IT partner for DCIM, DNF Corporation can help you on this note. Dynamic Network Factory(DNF) has a long history in Infrastructure Management and offers software tools to centralize monitoring, provide intelligent capacity planning, establish best physical and virtual infrastructure for enterprise needs. DNF does it in a cost-efficient, reliable and professional manner so as to lower operating expenses and maximize ROI from your IT infrastructure.


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