When capacity need arises avoid large lump sum investment on storage hardware

Companies which need storage capacity, but are not ready to spend large lump sum investment on new hardware due to tight budgets can rely on StoneFly Cloud Drive on Microsoft Azure.

StoneFly Cloud Drive features StoneFly’s proven enterprise class SAN technology which has been integrated with Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Computing platform to offer storage as a service.

Users get a virtual storage drive as soon as they opt for a StoneFly cloud drive services which are ideal for protecting mission critical information and includes advanced business continuity features such as snapshots, asynchronous remote replication, multi-geo-mirroring, data deduplication, volume encryption and thin provisioning.

Therefore, StoneFly patrons can easily add mass amounts of storage to their workstation servers in a matter of minutes all without any investment on new servers and storage appliances. These iSCSI drives offer scalable capacity in an affordable way.

Azure Remote iSCSI drive

Users who want remote iSCSI drive services can just go to Microsoft’s Marketplace and opt for StoneFly Drive services. As soon as they opt for remote iSCSI drive services, a virtual drive will be created on your machine that will be recognized by any workstation or server as if they were a regular hard drive.

But in reality, the drive exists on Azure cloud and is accessible via a secured network. Services like data deduplication are available on demand and help in eliminating duplicate files. Volume encryption helps in keeping data safe and secure from hackers and features such as replication & snapshot feature helps in advanced disaster recovery.

To those who want to know that who owns the data when it is on StoneFly Cloud Drive of Microsoft Azure, here’s an explanation. The data stored on the virtual drive will be created and dedicated to your application. Information stored on this platform will be highly encrypted and secure and you will be the sole owner of your entire drive and data stored on it. Means you are in control of your own data as Microsoft Azure sets and adheres to stringent privacy standards.

To know more click on StoneFly Cloud Drive web link


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