How does Big Data affect our daily lives

Big data has full potential to change a business and our daily lives. Want to know how? If you take into account sports stream for instance, you can find it for yourself. Till date, big data has shown its potential in predicting the outcomes of sporting events. In the year 2012, big data was famously used to predict that US would get over 108 medals in the year’s Summer Olympics and in reality US ended up in winning 104 medals- close to what analytics has predicted. If FiFa world cup is taken into account, a lot of countries won in the tournament as per big data predictions.

Similarly, big data is also been used to predict the outcomes of elections. Statistician Nate Silver predicted the outcome of the 2012 US presidential election with perfect accuracy and that was only possible with the help of big data. Probably, in 2016 US presidential elections also big data is going to play a vital role in predicting who is going to be the real winner – Hillary Clinton or Donald trump.

The future is going to be full of connecting things, their interactions and data generation. So, analytics can help in getting the best out of the generated big data. The phenomenon is reflecting already and here’s an incident. When a smart phone user gets directions, asks their phone a question or any number of other functions, all this is the result of analyzing big data.

Several companies and cities like New York have used big data to streamline the flow of traffic in their towns. Using data derived from drivers GPS signals to react in real time to traffic conditions, weather, accidents etc in order to maintain smooth traffic flow is possible with the help of big data. By 2020, the trend of connected cars will be in full swing and so companies like Toyota are preparing for this change by setting up their own data centers.

Big data can also be used in recommending purchases and personalization of ads on websites, based on the demographics of consumers making online or manual purchase. Both companies and customers get benefit from the smart marketing and sales tool of big data usage.

Very recently, Google used big data with the help of some traditional medical establishments to predict where outbreaks of potentially epidemic viruses such as flu are most likely to appear. Just search on Google and you will have a bunch of examples on hand.

Remember, all this is only possible when right analytics is implied and this is where Dynamic Network Factory(DNF) can help.

DNF and it partners give analysts powerful, intuitive work flow solutions and applications for data blending and advanced analytics that lead to deeper insights in hours, not the weeks seen in typical approaches.

Approach DNF and explore your opportunities today.


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