Video Surveillance also offers these benefits apart from deterring crime

Video Surveillance helps in deterring crime and nabbing criminals and that’s now a world renowned fact. But apart from this, it also offers other key benefits which are lined up below.

Surveillance reduces liability- Surveillance helps in providing powerful evidence in case your customer’s company finds itself involved in any number of legal problems. This involves customer slip-and-fall-claims, workers compensation cases, criminal investigations, and more. As this helps in reducing liability, it also decreases insurance premiums which directly assists in achieving ROI.

Productivity is increased- For those in manufacturing, retail, hospitality sectors; video surveillance deployments might also show a positive impact on their employees work ethics. The presence of cameras, changes the behavior of employees or workers and this is sufficient to see an increase in productivity. CCTV also helps in determining some facts like the employees following dress codes, the service they are offering to customers and such.

Enhanced employee training- Video surveillance is also being used by human resource departments to train employees in customer service, equipment use, sales and other areas.

Less workplace violence- Workplace violence is rampant in United States as over 2 million American workers report that they have been victims of violence at workplace each year. According to the survey conducted by “The Occupational safety and health administration”, the number of unreported incidents, if carefully measured might also reach 2.5 million mark. The events range all the way from minor scuffles between coworkers to violent, disgruntled employees who set out to harm multiple people. To tackle this scenario, CCTV installation can help in keeping a check on such incidents and can also provide video evidence against such offenses.

Reduces Harassment- Harassment can be in any form, but usually refers to any uninvited behavior that is based on a person’s race, religion, s@x, national origin, age, disability, appearance, or s@xual preference. It can take place at any workplace and in large scale work environments. CCTV deployment helps security officers or the management companies to regular check in on their employees, and see if they are facing any such issues. Should an employee file a harassment claim, the video footage can, once again, prove helpful for investigating and punishing the behavior.

Want to share some more benefits? Feel free to share those through our comments section below. The comment will be verified and will be added to the article along with your name and profession.


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