Why do enterprises neglect backup and disaster recovery plan

Small and medium scale businesses often show blind eye towards backup and disaster recovery. And that’s because of their assumption that they’ll never face a disaster which can create downtime and topple their business upside down.

Also most businesses consider backup and disaster recovery solutions as a burden on their IT budget. For this reason, they either prefer postponing the deployment of solution or try to evade it forever. But by doing so, they are bringing in more trouble than saving a few bucks.

To understand it on a better note, let’s go with an example. Suppose, yours is an insurance company which has around 5k customers seeking insurance policy. So, all the data related to their policy details, claims, quotes is secured and will be available in your data center. If suppose, your data center is hit by a man made or catastrophic disaster, then what will happen to all the data stored in your premises? How will your branch offices maintain data continuity, till you recover? What will happen to those customers who go for false claims during this tenure?

To avoid all such circumstances you should maintain a backup copy of your production data is such a way that it is immediately recoverable when a disaster strikes.

This is where backup and disaster recovery solutions help in bringing your business backup on track in no time and that too with minimal impact from downtime.

Therefore, an efficient insurance policy against disaster disruption is the implementation of a backup and disaster recovery plan and this is where DNF can help you.

Click on the above link to know more.


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