Tips to protect your WordPress websites from hackers

WordPress happens to be the most user friendly website platforms available online, and so is also terribly vulnerable to cyber attacks. Factually speaking, a website happens to be the face of an enterprise and if it gets hacked or is replaced by some other web-page, then the result can be devastating.

According a WP White Security- a European company that develops WordPress Audit Trial Company, more than 70% of WordPress installations are vulnerable to hacking attacks and the total number of hacked WordPress websites in 2015 was a whooping 370,000.

For this reason, our blog has devised 10 tips which help in keeping your WordPress website safe and secure.

Use Plugins- Security plugins are available to all those who go premium with WordPress and buying them from a trusted marketplace, and installing them will keep your website safe.

Password selection and changing it often- Always select a password which starts with a capital letter and ends with a special character. Prefer using a password which has more than 8 characters and mix it up with numbers and letters. Also make sure that you change the password on monthly basis.

Change your defaults- As soon as you get a hosting account change the default username and password provided by service provider. It’s best, in fact, if you change any detail that you are allowed to change, simply because you don’t know how secure your host’s server is.

Go for a secure hosting company- Always do some homework before selecting a hosting company. Search on Google whether the hosting company you are going for is safe and is having minimal downtime experiences. If yours is a free package, understand that you only get what you pay for.

Keep your website up to date- Always ensure that you are keeping your website up to date with the latest updates from WordPress, as these often contain security features which protect your website from cyber criminals.

Always listen to your hosting company- Many good hosting companies like GoDaddy, offer security options to their clients. It includes two-way authentication and email confirmation. So, you better go for such hosting companies which offer such security features.

Make sure you Delete- Better to delete non-useful plugins as they put your account and site at risk

Backup- Backing up your website content is always recommended as it keeps your website safe from hacking activities such as ransomware

Keep a eye on contributors- It’s always better to keep an eye on those posting blogs and articles in your website. Check whether they are using a secure password for logins. Otherwise, a vulnerable password can make your entire website a sugar candy to cyber criminals.

Take the help- If you are not sure on how to proceed with data security, you can take help of companies which are professionals in do so. DNF Corporation in association with its partners can help you in backing up your website content. Also it will help in keeping your website safe and secure from online criminals.



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