Amazon Web Services suffered sever outage on this weekend

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Sydney suffered severe connectivity issues along with partial downtime over the weekend. The service was recovered on Monday morning giving a tough time to cloud services seekers of the said provider since last two days.

AWS has not yet mentioned the cause of outage, but latest reports suggest that it was due to a severe cyclonic storm which hit the coast on Friday last week. Increased error rates, latency issues, partial downtime was witnessed from June 4th, 2016 till 2am on June 6, 2016.

As per our reliable sources, the main cause for the outage was due to power loss. Although the power was restored within no time, the downtime affect lasted for two days.

Dominos Pizza, Commonwealth Bank, Me Bank, IMB Bank. Bank of Queensland, Westpac, Foxtel, NetBank, Eftpos Systems are some of the companies which came out to announce that they were either affected by partial or complete disruption of data continuity services.


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