Data Center struck in Sydney Storm 2016

What if your data center is struck in a hurricane like Sydney Storm 2016? Yes, you got it right. Imagine, you have your main office in Sydney, Australia and a cyclonic thunderstorm has hit the area and the surrounding regions.  If it is a normal rain, then you will have a power outage for some time which you can overcome it with a backup power supply.

But what if, the storm exists for days and your data center gets severely damaged. It could happen to any office, as we cannot combat with Mother Nature…….isn’t it?

What will your branch offices or offices located geographically apart like the ones located in other countries or continents do, till the time you recover?

This is where; offsite backup of production data to a cloud based data center makes complete sense. By doing so, you can keep your data continuity with other offices intact and face minimum downtime.

Technically speaking, to reap the maximum benefit from the replication and snapshotting features, data should be stored in more than one location, requiring a remote host to be highly available. But many users have only one datacenter – the server room.

StoneFly Cloud Business Center (CBC) hosting empowers organizations to fully utilize StoneFly backup and disaster recovery features, enabling organizations large and small to implement offsite backup inexpensively.

Easily replicate the data from your physical or virtual StoneFly iSCSI and FC SAN storage appliances to StoneFly’s Cloud Business Center. Remote replication to StoneFly’s CBC is an affordable way to quickly add one or more disaster recovery sites for your important data.

By replicating your data to StoneFly’s Cloud Business Center, you immediately save on the capital expenses that come with the purchase of a physical appliance, along with operating expenses such as power and cooling costs.

With StoneFly’s Remote Replication service you can rest assured that your data is secure and protected against loss.


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