New York University depends on StoneFly Hyper Converged DR365 and StoneFly CBC for backup and disaster recovery

A New York based University (name withheld due to NDA) which comprises of 53 institutions and serving around 8,000 students is depending on StoneFly Hyper Converged DR365 and StoneFly CBC for backup and disaster recovery needs. Earlier, the company was using a traditional backup tool which became too slow to recover critical systems, jeopardizing 24×7 availability and data continuity round the year.  The company is happy that the new solution is not only serving the purpose for the present day, but looks excellently poised for its future needs.

The Business Challenge

Technology has modernized university experience to a large scale, as students and faculty are perpetually connected to their peers, projects and school information. A crucial piece of connection is the campus portal, which links the New York based University students and faculty to emails, announcements, eLearning, grades, course registration, financial aid, bill payment and other online services. Like other Universities, the New York based educational institution faced two big challenges related to technology- The first was to provide access at all times to an increasingly demanding student population and accommodating rapid data growth.

The college’s 8K users were storing more files, which were growing larger (as they had videos included) and data archived from the Enterprise Resource Planning system for reporting purposes was getting bigger. So, all this led to a data increase by 25% every two years.

The educational association wanted its critical systems to be available at all times; otherwise everything could come to a standstill. The organization was 92% virtualized and its current backup systems weren’t fitting their needs anymore. It tied up production resources and so users could only backup data at night, often failing to meet the time limit to backup info within the backup window. Adding to this agony was 25% of failed backups, resulting in a snowball effect- more failed backups led to more resource contention.

The institution turned to StoneFly for help and the Silicon Valley based company offered its latest StoneFly DR365 Fusion Hyper Converged Appliance for its backup and replication targets.

The StoneFly Solution

StoneFly DR365 Fusion is a purpose-built hyper-converged infrastructure solution to consolidate all of the user’s server and backup systems into one easy to manage high-availability cluster appliance. It acts as a total backup solution for physical as well as virtual severs and workstations in a single high available box with active-active hot swappable cluster nodes with failover and failback in a single chassis. Those who deploy this solution in their data center can backup operations for their main or remote branches with a single central management console.

Each DR365 Fusion Cluster appliance can provide anywhere from a few Terabytes all of the way up to 640 Terabytes of backup storage capacity for your business. Every cluster appliance can accommodate any combination of nearline SAS, enterprise SAS, or enterprise SSD storage tiers as required, achieving the performance needed for your requirements.

An embedded hypervisor on each cluster node allows backed up VMs and new user-created VMs to be spun up directly on the StoneFly DR365 Fusion Cluster appliance.

The backup controller provides a wide range of features and functionality for backup, data management, high-availability, and mobility.

With the new solution in place, the institution of higher education doesn’t have to spend 15 to 30 hours each week troubleshooting failed backups and building VMs from scratch like the one seen with the traditional backup tool. Instead, the academia has started working on initiatives that improve university life, such as our cloud-based print management solution and BYOD, so students and faculty can bring their own devices for computing purposes. The IT staff also get time to support their colleagues who’ve been awarded NASA and NSF grants. These grants include specific requirements about backing up and recovering research data. Meeting those requirements with StoneFly DR365 is very easy.

The New York based academe uses StoneFly DR365 for Backup & Replication to back up its entire virtual environment daily, which wasn’t possible with the traditional backup tool because backup failed 25% of the time. Plus, backup was so slow that all data couldn’t be backed up within the backup window with the previous solution. Because DR365 creates and removes snapshots during backups, it doesn’t tie up production resources like the traditional tool did.

For advanced disaster recovery option, data should be stored in more than one location, requiring a remote host to be available. But many users have only one datacenter i.e. the server room. StoneFly Cloud Business Center (CBC) hosting empowers organizations to fully utilize StoneFly backup and disaster recovery features, enabling organizations large and small to implement offsite backup inexpensively.

The Result

  • The University enjoys secure business continuity and affords time for IT innovation
  • An insight into backup environment instills confidence
  • Ease of use simplifies on-boarding of new system administrators

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