Avoid network bottlenecks with StoneFly Cloud Drive FlashCache Acceleration Gateway

StoneFly Cloud Drive Customers can dramatically increase their network performance by deploying StoneFly FlashCache Acceleration Gateway. This gateway appliance is configured to cache and accelerate the data transferred between your local system and the StoneFly Cloud Drive on Azure.

One of the limitations which is commonly seen in cloud storage deployments is that data transfer speeds over internet are not that swift as they are on local network. This means, read and writes of data to the cloud will take much longer than they would be on local storage server.

StoneFly Gateway Cache Appliance eliminates this network bottleneck with ease. Data is written to and cached on lightning fast SSD media drives within the Gateway prior to being securely transmitted to the user’s remote iSCSI or NAS on StoneFly Cloud Drive.

The appliance also caches hot data that is used frequently. This greatly improves R/W capabilities and speeds up access to data as the same files do not have to repeatedly downloaded from the cloud to the local system, thereby reducing bandwidth troubles.

For customers who are looking to use a virtual cloud drive for offsite data protection, disaster recovery or for storage on the fly, StoneFly Cloud Drive is the right solution. And in order to avoid network bottleneck while R/W data to cloud, StoneFly FlashCache Acceleration Gateway is the right solution to use.

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