Hyper Converged Data centers reduce operational expenditure

Data center managers are always looking for ways to reduce capital and operational expenditure in their computing premises. To all of them Hyper converged Infrastructure can act as a boon and it does in the following way-

Simplifying system administration- In today’s computing world, a single system admin can manage around 300 servers in a large data center. With hyper scale, the management of server infrastructure can jump to 5,000, as everything is software defined and is in an automated way. Hyper scale management software makes common system administration tasks such as monitoring, notifications, quota management, resource allocation, ghost server discover and provisioning of networking, storage and compute workloads automated and orchestrated.

Furthermore, as data centers are populated with homogenous infrastructure, fewer components and vendor experts are required. As a result, reduction in system asset management tasks and reduction in Full time equivalent of employees can be observed.

Reduction in power and cooling savings- Data centers which operate with less infrastructure will obviously witness savings in power and cooling costs. Some data centers which have deployed hyper scale solutions in their premises are witnessing a reduction in power and cooling costs by 63 percent…….simply wow!

Physical deployments savings- Hyper converged infrastructure are available in innovative racking system which offers greater CPU utilization, with the help of advanced back plane technology. This can offer 76 percent savings over traditional physical deployments on an annual note.

Reduced software licensing and support costs- Organizations are searching for ways to boost component utilization and a cut back on data center hardware- particularly CPUs. They also look for reduction in cost of software licensing-specially Virtualization related licensing. Hyper convergence offers reduction in operational costs and also on software licensing as everything is available as a bundled package.

Smaller footprint- Companies looking to shrink their data centers to half can go for hyper converged infrastructure installation. They do have the potential to reduce data center footprint by up to 50 percent. As a result, you can divert those resources to other official use such as expansion on conference hall, pantry or for power backup.

StoneFly Inc, offers Hyper Converged Appliances which help in consolidating all of the user’s server and storage needs into one easy to manage appliance. Use of virtualized operating systems allows complete hardware utilization and considerable reduction in power/cooling costs.

StoneFly USS Unified Storage & Server Hyper Converged Appliance include a Virtual SAN Storage Appliance and the ability to create additional virtual storage or servers as needed. This helps in greatly reducing hardware footprint and run many more applications on much less hardware.

Click on the following link of Hyper Converged Appliances to know more


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