Scalable SAN storage for video surveillance

Video surveillance deployments are revolutionizing and so surveillance users are nowadays looking for storage systems which can scale to larger storage capacities, record higher frame rates without dropping frames, suffice longer retention periods, handle high resolution videos from megapixel and multi-megapixel cameras, and prove cost effective as business grows in future.

Therefore, increasing storage needs have led many users of IP video surveillance systems and hybrid systems incorporating both Analog and IP network cameras to consider Storage Area Network( SAN) for video storage requirements.

A SAN storage is generally used to connect numerous storage resources, such as DVRs and NVRs to one or more centralized, shared storage arrays. It provides faster block level access to storage-means a network host sees the remote storage as if it is a locally attached drive and transfers info in blocks as if it’s been accessed to/from a local hard drive.

Although, Fibre Channel(FC) technology is the dominant infrastructure for SAN storage appliances, iSCSI has proved as a technological breakthrough as it offers organizations the possibility of delivering both messaging traffic and block based storage over existing Internet Protocol network without installing a separate FC network.

IP SAN consolidates hundreds or even thousands of physical hard drives and presents them as a single logical drive to the recorder through the operating system in the form of a Logical Unit Number(LUN). This is represented by a drive letter. Physically, these drives form a disk group upon which a data protection technology like RAID is constructed.

Typically, a SAN storage array provides increased availability, resiliency and maintainability by using additional, redundant components in an attempt to eliminate all single points of failure. On an additional note these components are hot swappable.

Thus a SAN storage solves three primary challenges faced by traditional DVRs and NVRs- reliability, retention and resolution.

DNF Security Falcon series of VME video viewing, storage and management appliances can be easily combined by StoneFly iSCSI and Fibre Channel SAN appliancs to create enterprise class fully featured solutions to obtain scalability, performance and data protection. These storage appliances are loaded with advanced features such as snapshot, synchronous replication, and thin provisioning.

Data services likes data deduplication, asynchronous replication and encryption and available on demand.

To know more click on DNF Security SAN storage appliances for video surveillance web page.


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