When can video surveillance related video evidence be disclosed?

Often we find surveillance videos on YouTube and on Google. Some are posted for fun sake and some are for informative purposes. But is it legal to post videos related to surveillance on public platforms? Let us find the answer in this article.

First of all CCTV or video surveillance operators are not allowed to disclose images of identifiable people to the media or other public platforms such as internet. This is illegal and those indulging in such activities are liable for prosecution.

So, how does the media obtain such images when something controversially wrong is recorded on the CCTV?

Well, sometimes media people take the images from the police authorities and in some of the rarest cases they try to buy video evidence from CCTV operators.

Police hand over the videos to media when identification of suspects or culprits is needed.

In most cases, organizations need to disclose CCTV footage for legal reasons such as crime detection. Once they have given the images to another organization, it is the duty of that recipient firm from then onwards to adhere to the Data Protection Act while handling those images.

Public authorities are subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2000. The act allows members of the public to request official information by writing to the public authority, who must respond within 20 working days. If the requested footage is of the person who had made the request, then the request must be handled as per the data protection act as a Subject Access Request.

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