DNF Fanless PCs are super hit in United States!

DNF Security Fanless PCs are now being used by patrolling units of law enforcement agencies in whole of United States. They are being used to detect vehicle numbers which are involved in crime and to identify vehicles who have pending tickets to be paid.

DNF Security Fanless PCs are innovative and powerful mini PCs with special aluminum and copper chassis that can dissipate heat. These PCs are silent and don’t get clogged and broken by sand and dust, thus making them indispensable for certain patrolling environments such as countryside patrolling and under-developed highway patrolling.

DNF Security Fanless PCs have third generation i7 or i5 processors, high speed DDR3 memory and enterprise class hard drives to offer extraordinary computing power. Users just need to setup an LED TV, connect the monitor to the Fanless PC of DNF through RS 32 serial port to USB interface and then start playing with the applications of their choice.

DNF Security Fanless PCs are loaded with a Windows 7 professional operating system which is one of the most reliable OSes from Microsoft.

Also Fanless PCs from DNF can also be used as mini PCs for developing markets with rough elements and limited access to electricity. They are best suited for environments where rural schools with solar panels need low power computers for their computing needs.

To know more click on the link of DNF Security Fanless PC


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