DNF Recycling acts as a one stop destination for Technology Disposal!

Companies which are looking to dispose their technology related equipment such as servers, storage, networking components, PCs, DVRs, NVRs, SAN and NAS can rely on the services of DNF Recycling. DNF Recycling, a business unit of Dynamic Network Factory acts as a one stop destination designed to meet the requirements of assisting its users with technology disposal. It is a unique program that provides its users a hassle free experience of getting rid of the legacy enterprise equipment.

Hence, all those users who are looking to upgrade their technology equipment can go for the service offered by this California service provider.

The main highlight of this company is as follows-

  • DNF offers credit for new purchase based on certain benchmarks formulated as per company rules.
  • On a further note, DNF will arrange for pickup and transportation of the equipment to their location.
  • It will then perform a detailed inventory and assessment of the equipment at their facility and the report will be mailed to the user.
  • DNF does recycling in a very responsible way. It carefully disassembles the components and based on the recyclable properties of the components it sends them to recycling units.
  • Those which are hazardous to environment and which are not eligible for recycling will be disposed in compliance with US EPA laws.

Currently, these services are restricted to in & around California. To know more click on the web link of DNF Recycling



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