Know how video analytics can help boost your business?

Video Surveillance installations not only have the potential to deter crime, but can also boost businesses when data streamlined from them is properly vetted. Means through video analysis of CCTV recordings, any business like a retail establishment can not only keep its premises crime free, but can also eye on its customers preferences and habits within its premises. Hence, all this info when smartly correlated can help in development of business with right resource tools.

Now to those, who are interested in knowing what exactly is video analytics, here’s an explanation.

Typically, a video surveillance system records different activities in a certain establishment. The data regarding the definite characteristics of people within the establishment are analyzed through a combination of automated and human analysis processes. Analytics then combines a range of variables on the people being monitored with their actions in the recording facility.

Hence, Video analytics can provide multiple sets of info in relevant manner, all based on the business and its objective of monitoring.

CCTV helps in boosting security as it records events which happen before the cameras and the streamlined video will help in analyzing several aspects that go undetected by human eye. Some systems also have the ability to detect and warn about suspicious or irregular actions to security personnel. It also helps in organizing video evidence in case of any real or suspected breach of security.

Analytics helps in improving a business in capturing customer preferences and employee activities. This includes dwell time, shopping preferences, and many such things. The data so obtained can be used to make decisions regarding how to improve the overall attractiveness of the establishment. In fact, establishments willing to provide privileged services to a certain group of customers can rely on analytics to understand what areas within an establishment are attracting customer attention and can prove beneficial to focus on as per age and gender.

Thence, when all these advantages are being obtained by video analytics, why don’t you implement it on an immediate note in your business premises.

Need help in doing so?

You can readily approach DNF which gives you an insight on analytics to boost your business and then through its partners offers powerful analysis, with intuitive work flow solutions and applications for data blending and advanced analytics that lead to deeper insights in hours, not the weeks seen in typical approaches.

Contact DNF to explore your opportunities in video analytics today.

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