What can be done when Microsoft reduces OneDrive Storage from 25GB to 5GB?

Microsoft has made an official announcement early this year that it is going to withdraw the plan of 25GB of free cloud storage from July 27, 2016. Instead, users will get only 5GB of free cloud storage after the said date.

So, what can be done when users face a shortage of 15GB storage capacity on OneDrive Cloud? The only thing they can do is to opt for a premium service on the same platform where they have to pay $2 per month for a 50GB storage capacity.

Otherwise, they can delete all the files which are unnecessary to them and keep the cloud storage capacity used by them within the said 5GB limit.

In the meantime, you can look for another service provider who is offering a free cloud storage service of 50GB and transfer all your files to that platform and only keep the critical files on OneDrive platform( if you are desperate on maintaining those files on SkyDrive aka OneDrive) .

The other alternative is to disable your account on a permanent note and look for another storage provider.

BTW, Google Photos cloud storage service offers to its users an unlimited storage capacity on its platform to store photos and videos. So, if you have high capacity of memorabilia, transfer all those files to Google Photos and stay happy.

What will happen if you don’t react to IP storage provider’s plea?

After July 27th, 2016, all those accounts who are having more than the said capacity of data will be locked by Microsoft. That means, you wont be able to access the content in your OneDrive until you take further action- like deleting the files and keeping the storage capacity under 5GB.

So, what’s your take guys?


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