Johannesburg based Business accounting and Payroll software relies on StoneFly Offsite Backup software

Johannesburg based Accounting and business management software offering company- a specialist in offering business software solutions across accounting, payroll, human resources, CRM, enterprise resource planning and business intelligence is now relying on StoneFly Offsite Backup Software.


The challenge faced by the company (name withheld due to NDA) was to resolve the lengthy backup time. The company has to backup 21 products on daily basis, consisting of brochure sites and web application servers. These are located on their hosted environment across two locations and include 43 servers at a volume of 2.6TB. They also had to use multiple backup tools across a web connection and the result was that backups were slow, prone to errors, and complex to manage.

The company started to search for a solution which will solve compliance issues with both internal and external policies. Also it was looking for a product that can do backups on regular basis on a storage which is secure and accessible, and offers advanced disaster recovery. At the same time, the South Africa based company was also strongly interested in getting rid of its in-house multiple backup tools they had to use each time.

On an overall note, they needed a solution which was simple and which worked with systems they already had in place so opted for StoneFly Offsite backup. The solution was tailored to fit the specific requirement of Johannesburg Company and addressed each one of the issues which had made backup life so complex and frustrating.


StoneFly CDR365 Offsite Backup Software tool automated data backup to secure cloud storage of user’s choice. The application combines easy to use interface with a powerful functionality making a disaster recovery plan simple, reliable and affordable. Hence, StoneFly CDR365 has allowed Johannesburg Company to move from using a number of backup tools to just one, simplifying backup and storage processes.

CDR365 has been deployed onto a shared platform as the back-end which runs throughout the business. Johannesburg based Business Accounting and Payroll software offering company is running backups from two locations to one shared platform which is located offsite and is more secure. The new set-up is allowing businesses to monitor data on the backup server at any time so they always know what to expect and can assess potential problems. All aspects of the platform can be managed from one central, easy to manage console which can be accessed from anywhere using a secured login.

As StoneFly CDR365 was hardware and network agnostic there was no need for the customer to invest in new backup technology or servers. It is flexible and easy to install with single port access across the network.


The new StoneFly CDR365 customer has found that they are a lot more confident in the backups, knowing that they can rely on them should any issues arise. The solution has simplified backups with reduced man hours, a lot less effort and much less stress. CDR365 is allowing backups to be completed within 30 minutes instead of 5-8 hours per week.

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