Twitter and Facebook to lock user accounts for data security!

Twitter has made an official announcement that it has locked some of its user accounts until they go for password reset. This company resorted to this measure after an unconfirmed claim of leak of nearly 33 million Twitter usernames and passwords was published on an online resource.

LeakedSource, a database containing hacked information revealed on Wednesday last week that it had acquired a database of 32.8 million records containing twitter usernames, emails, and passwords from a user who goes by the name “Tessa88”.

Reacting to this news, Twitter clearly specified that the leaked data was not obtained from a server hack, and speculated that the information may have been gathered from other recent breaches (LinkedIn Breach), malware on victim machines that are stealing passwords for all websites, or a combination of both.

A Thursday’s news post in The Wall Street Journal reported that millions of users were notified by Twitter that their accounts are at risk of being taken over. Twitter claimed that its latest move of locking user accounts was for extra layer of data protection and was not due to the online theories that all those accounts were hacked. It also confirmed that the accounts will be locked, unless the respected users take a decision of password reset.

On the other hand, a reliable source from Facebook revealed that the company is also planning to implement a strict password change program at sometime this month for data security. The program is to make password change mandatory and until all its users’ recourse to this decision, their respective accounts will be locked.

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