Know about the different types of Storage Snapshots!

Storage Snapshot act as a superb means of data protection, in situations, where disaster recovery is on demand. It is basically a technological term, which denotes the state of a storage device at a particular time for restoring data back-up functions in the event of failure of the data storage. A storage snapshot is a back-up copy, which is created at a particular point in time.

Snapshots not only provide protection to data, in the event demanding data continuity, but will also enable enhanced applications availability, simplify back-up management of large volumes of data and offer virtual elimination of backup gaps, which all pave way to lowering of total cost of ownership.

Traditionally, Snapshots are available on instant basis to the other applications, involved in data analysis, data protection and data replication. The data related copy, will be constantly and consistently (removed-be) available to the applications. But the snapshot will be available as a backup copy, to perform other functions on the data.

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