StoneFly Deduplication Gateway helps manage more data with less infrastructure

StoneFly Unified Deduplicated Storage(UDS) Gateway allows businesses to easily convert their existing fibre channel, SAS, Infiniband or iSCSI storage into a Unified iSCSI or FC SAN storage with optimized data deduplication for increased storage efficiency. Once storage volumes have been provisioned by UDS HA appliance, users can enjoy StoneFly’s numerous advanced data storage management features.

The data deduplication gateway offered by StoneFly allows users to fit 5x to 137x more data within the same storage footprint without reducing overall performance. This presents to users the privilege of managing more data with less infrastructure. StoneFly Deduplication Gateway lowers operational costs and energy usage.

Moreover, StoneFly highly available data deduplication gateway enables easy integration without the need to make radical changes to the current data center environment. Users integrating it with backup and recovery operations will observe that the this gateway appliance will integrate easily with leading enterprise backup applications.

StoneFly Deduplication Gateway is offered in space saving 1U form factor low-profile 2U form factor or in a full height of 3U storage concentrator.

The said system is available in choice of Dual Hexa Core, Dual Octa Core and Dual Deca Core configuration. Based on user demand the system can be configured with a dual dodeca core storage Virtualization engines per cluster node.

StoneFly UDS HA dedup appliances are designed to meet the disk based data protection needs of enterprise data center while enabling significant infrastructure cost reductions. Combined with StoneFly’s patented StoneFusion operating system, this disk based repository helps improve the performance, retention and availability of backup and archive data.

So, manage more data with less infrastructure.

To know more click on StoneFly Deduplication Gateway appliance web link


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