VMware focuses on data security!

VMware has turned its focus on data security allowing IT managers to more easily control the computers and data they have to manage.  The newly launched product VMware Trust Point is software which makes it possible to track and manage computers easily and quickly, without the need of whole bunch of data.

The software allows companies to detect what devices are on their networks, along with which ones are being managed by the department of IT. This tool helps businesses to understand if they have machines operating outside the reach of their security systems, which could be a problem for protecting company data.

On an additional note, businesses will also be able to use TrustPoint to handle operating system imaging with VMware’s technology, allowing them to patch systems that are managed with the said software.

It’s all part of VMware’s ongoing push into the enterprise endpoint management market, which has proved increasingly popular as employees bring their own devices to work doubling security threats.

VMware TrustPoint has the potential to not only detect unmanaged devices, but can also block those devices from connecting to company networks, so that they do not get access to critical data.

The way this software gets updated is also innovatively designed by VMware. PCs running on TrustPoint communicate with other devices near them that are running the software, so that it’s possible for a group of PCs to all get a software update by having pieces of it pushed to several different devices using the said software. Means, if one device gets an update, TrustPoint can coordinate the transfer of info between computers so that each one gets a complete update. This approach restricts each device save hundreds of megabytes if not gigabytes of software, whenever they’re supposed to run a software update. This process can avoid taxing network resources, which could serve other applications instead.

On an additional note, VMware also announced updates to its workspace One EndPoint Management Software. The key new feature lets users install business apps and have them still managed without the enterprise requiring full mobile device management features, such as remote wipe and passcode reset functionality. That means, IT professionals accessing work emails and other apps on their smart phone can get the required access, but IT department will still have data control over this web activity.

VMware has also decided to acquire Arkin Net, whose software makes companies manage their environments across domains of both physical and virtual compute, networking and storage resources possible. Arkin Net purchase will boost both VMware’s NSX network virtualization technology and its vRealize Suite of tools for managing software defined data center (SDDC) resources across Hybrid Cloud environments.

Currently, the financial details for the deal are being kept under wraps.



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