Microsoft offers F series of Azure virtual machines

American software giant Microsoft has added a new series of virtual machines to its product catalog. The F series of VMs were designed to serve the needs of organizations running gaming servers, web servers and batch processing. The new series of virtual machines has the same CPU performance as Microsoft’s previous Dv2-Series of VMs and is being offered for a lower per-hour price.

Microsoft F Series and the Dv2 series of virtual machines use 2.4 GHz Intel Xeon E5-2673 versions of 3 Haswell processors. The new VM offering comes with a standard offering, but there’s also a premium storage optimized product. Both are named on the number of processor core sizes, ranging from 1 core to 16 cores. For instance, the Standard F1 option has one core, while the standard F16 offering has 16 cores.

For users to easily distinguish both services, Microsoft is adding a letter “S” to the series name to differentiate premium options. Here ‘S’ denotes storage offering and all new future Azure VM product offerings will come up with the same letter. For example, Standard F16s option has 16 cores, 32GB memory and 64GB temporary SSD space and 192GB of premium storage cache and bandwidth ranging from moderate to very high.

Apart from Microsoft Azure Cloud storage, Virtual machine services of Azure are also in great demand.  The premium F series of virtual machines from Microsoft Azure are available across the company’s data centers worldwide. The Standard option is just available today in the following regions- North Central US, East Asia, Japan East, Australia East, and Australia Southeast. The billing will be based on per-minute basis and organizations will have the privilege to select from Linux, Red Hat, Enterprise Linux, Windows, SQL Server, BizTalk Server, SharePoint and Oracle options.

With the new addition, Microsoft’s Azure VM series of offerings now include A, D, DS, F, Fs, G and GS VM sizes.

More details can be viewed on Microsoft Azure web page.

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