DNF Defense offers NEBS complaint data storage to telecom industry!

With Telecommunication Service providers experiencing data demands with mobility, intense competition, consolidation of services providers, proliferation of new devices and the rise of new technologies such as cloud and analytics; they are in need of new data storage solutions which can improve customer experiences.

To keep a tab on customer behavior like voice, SMS and data usage patterns, video choices, customer care history, social media activity, website visits; telecom providers need to have analytics applied on their database. This helps them offer personalized services or products at every step of the purchasing process.

But not all data storage solutions can serve this purposes, as it has to be done as per the constitution and laws of each country such as the laws formulated by National Security Agency(NSA).

Dynamic Network Factory’s Tesla which is fully Network Equipment Building System( NEBS) Standard Compliant are specifically designed for telecommunication industry. These easy to deploy, and high performance storage systems help telecoms looking to integrate Next Generation Network into Central Office Carrier facilities

DNF Tesla systems are powered by a storage architecture that delivers simplified data management with seamless scalability, enabling users to expand on fly.

With DNF Tesla users can replace a complex mix of storage systems with a single, unified solution for all applications, including cellular services and enterprise business systems. Block and File storage networking systems can be unified under a common architecture, and data can be accessed and shared over any standard network protocol.

Users can reduce time and money spend on data management as they can run same set of software and processes across all tiers, enabling cost effective click stream information.

As these appliances are protected by RAID which offers 99.998% of uptime the technology delivers superior data protection while providing the performance for most demanding applications.

For companies struggling to cope up with tremendous data growth, tape based backup becomes more time consuming. Consequently, backups occur less frequently, and recovery times are lengthy.

With the use of right backup software, DNF Tesla appliances can provide superior speed and reliability of disk technologies, as these appliances use high performance disks.

The fault tolerant NEBS Complaint storage appliance comes in a 1U & 2U rack mount chassis with dual, redundant 450W AC or DC Hot Swap Power supply and an advanced cooling system.

For more details click on DNF Defense NEBS Complaint Storage appliances web page


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