Over 70,000 servers access available on black market for just $6 USD

Kaspersky lab, a Russia based internet security firm has found that an online black market resource is selling access to over 70,000 servers for a little of $6 USD posing. Known as xDedic, the market has a catalog of thousands of compromised servers for sale thus posing as a major threat to enterprise data security.

As per the security firm’s report the servers are in 173 countries and are being used mostly by governments, businesses, and universities. The owners of these servers have no idea that their assets are being sold by the black marketers on web.

xDedic has breached many of the servers based on trial and error using different passwords and has announced to the world that its claims of server breach are genuine and interested prospects can check them after paying them the said sum.

Cyber criminals can use the servers to send spam, steal data such as credit card info and launch other types of attack. The access to the hacked servers will be offered to buyers for 48 hours. And once the buyers have done their work, the merchants put the server back up for sale. The inventory is constantly evolving.

According to demographics released by xDedic, it has sold servers from Brazil, China, Russia and US since May 2016.

Kaspersky has identified some of the US and Russian victims and has notified them. The security firm says that trouble can intensify when big notorious groups start showing their tricks and trade on the hacked servers- especially pertaining to government.


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