StoneFly offers a panacea for all your redundant data troubles!

Data redundancy is a situation where database or data storage is filled with data repeats or the same piece of data held in two separate places. In simple terms, it means that duplicates of the same data are being stored on the data storage. This scenario is commonly seen in databases meant for backup and recovery and it destroys the integrity of database, offers more difficulty in database updates and wastes storage resources.

Nowadays, storage vendors offering storage, backup and recovery appliances are offering deduplication feature on demand. But for those who are using legacy storage appliances and facing havoc from data redundancy the solution is as follows.

StoneFly offers a deduplication gateway which can prove as an ideal solution to eliminate data redundancy troubles of your enterprise data center. The highlight of this solution is that it offers to users the capability to fit 5x to 137x more data within the same storage footprint without reducing overall performance.

What’s more? StoneFly Highly Available Deduplication Gateway allows businesses to easily convert their existing Fibre Channel, SAS, Infiniband, or iSCSI Storage or EMC, Dell, NetApp into Unified iSCSI or FC SAN Storage with increased storage efficiency.

Hence, all those data storage admins who are finding it difficult to tame the devil of redundant data, they can treat StoneFly Data Deduplication Gateway as a god given gift.


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