Are you installing a security surveillance camera on a construction site

Construction sites have their own security issues that might be dissimilar to those seen in home or enterprise surveillance. Theft of construction materials, issues with delivery of raw materials, conflicts between workers or labor staff, vandalism, construction developments are some to name for. To complete the projects on time, security and smooth functioning of work is also necessary.

Here, security surveillance camera plays a vital role in achieving the said goal. But not all security cameras can serve the purpose. So, let us see what we need to look for while shopping for a security camera for a construction site.

Weather resistant- First and foremost thing is that the security camera should be weather resistant as adverse conditions always prevail on construction sites. Therefore, they must be capable of handling heavy dust, dirt, the jet stream of water, gravel, sand and of course the cement dust. Always prefer a camera with IP66 or above protection grade when you look for one.

Night Vision- Security cameras should be monitoring video evidence on 24/7 basis and in all light conditions including extreme dark conditions. They must be loaded with a night vision feature so that they can record clearly even at the situation when the light support is minimum.

Area coverage- Usually wider range of coverage is needed on construction sites and so security cameras for such sites must be able to cover a wider area. Prefer PTZ range of cameras for all round protection. Some also go with fish eye camera range to watch the construction progress from all angles.

Remote access- Contractors need not be present on the site all the time for security, as long as the supervisors and associated labor do their job on a sincere note. Therefore the security camera must be capable of being accessed from smart phones or laptops so that the contractor and the project owners can keep an eye on the site from their office. Again a PTZ camera suits best for this application.

Installation and removal must be simple- Security camera installation at construction sites is not permanent, as the contractor needs to hand over the premises to owners as soon as the project is completed. So, the device installation should be easy once the project is completed.

For more such tips visit DNF Corporation Video Surveillance web page. Although, this company provides Video Storage solutions for surveillance applications, it also offers consulting services for your security surveillance needs.

So, just make a call and start the conversation.


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