How to reduce your CCTV storage costs

Video surveillance is beneficial to deter crime and to catch hold of criminals. But limited storage space creates a real problem for those who wish to store video evidence for longer periods of time.

Especially this scenario is observed in those organizations that require to store their video images for longer periods for evidential purposes and to protect themselves against future lawsuits or for other commercial needs such as loss prevention. They either have to make substantial investments on buying new storage hardware, thereby raising overall expenses or have to get rid of old recordings to make way for the new ones.

On an additional note, with the advent of ‘K’ resolution(4K,7K and 8K) in surveillance industry the pressure on those providing video storage solution is mounting. They are being forced to come up with solutions which offer a flexibility in capacity and are also economically viable.

This is where DNF Security proves its significance as it offers video recording and storage solutions which can be integrated with cloud storage to minimize capacity issues.

What to know how this is possible?

All Falcon series video storage appliances of DNF Security support an optional cloud connection for video archiving. Means, all live recordings continue to be stored directly on Falcon appliance’s local storage, while archives or old data which is not frequently accessed is written to and read from a secure StoneFly Cloud Drive hosted in Microsoft Azure or the StoneFly Cloud Business Center.

Therefore, companies need not purchase additional storage to cope with the retention requirements of video evidence, as their current in-house equipment will serve their hot data needs, and DNF Security’s Cloud Connection will help store all their archives.

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