Cisco delivers a time machine for data centers!

Cisco has announced a time machine for data centers mid last week. Cisco Tetration Analytics is the platform which allows customers gain complete visibility across everything in the data center. The process gathers telemetry from hardware and software sensors, and then analysis the information using advanced machine learning techniques.

Tetration addresses critical data center operations such as policy compliance, application forensics and moves to a white list security model. IT managers can use Tetration Analytics platform to simplify operational reliability, zero trust operations and applications migrations to SDN solutions and the cloud.

With the help of Cisco’s latest analytics software, organizations can

  • Understand what apps are dependent on each other throughout their data center and into the cloud
  • Makes data centers proactive than reactive by keeping them informed of operational decisions and validate the effect of policy changes before they are implemented
  • Allows data center managers search across billions of flows in less than a second using Tetration forensics search engine and user interface
  • Helps in continuously monitoring application behavior to quickly identify any deviation in communication patterns

While Data Center Infrastructure Management software tools help in keeping a tab on PUE and other data center metrics, Cisco’s Tetration offers pervasive and complete visibility across the data center using either server software sensors that require very low overhead, network hardware sensors that monitor packet-by-packet meta data, or both combined for the most complete solution.

Tetration executes advanced data center analytics in real time and presents actionable analysis with easy to understand visuals. Tetration delivers information critical for data center operations, such as: application insights, automated white list policy recommendations, policy simulation and impact analysis, compliance management, and network flow forensics.

More details will be updated shortly!


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