Hewlett Packard offers optical technology transferring 1.2TB data per second

Hewlett Packard Enterprise, the newly formed HP Group is taking the help of light & fiber optics to transfer 1.2TB data per second. That’s enough to transfer a full day’s worth of HD video in one second. Displaying it at the recent Discover Show 2016 held in Las Vegas between June 7-9, HPE announced that the data transfer capacity can be doubled in coming years and could replace copper Ethernet cables that are widely used in data centers.

HPE’s optical technology has the potential to outpace current USB 3.1, which can transfer data at 10 gigabits per second, and thunderbolt 3, which tops out at 40 Gbps.

HPE plans to use the photonics chip module X1 in its new server design that focuses on processing by using storage and memory. X1 data transfer range is about 30 to 50 meters.

At the event, HPE also displayed other technologies like silicon photonics technology that can transfer data at distances up to 50 kilometers at 200 Gbps.

Readers must make a note that Intel is also working on a similar technology of silicon photonics modules and is expected to ship them this year. HPE is working on the same technology and plans to offer it to telecommunication and data center industry by mid next year.

Scientists hope that optical cables will solve a bandwidth problem for servers. In future, more bandwidth will be needed to communicate the influx of data to servers and HPE’s optical technology is said to revolutionize this phase at rack levels as a single optical cable can replace a whole bunch of copper wires and provide throughput benefits.

The day this happens then the rack may be one giant server with processing, memory and storage separated into different boxes.


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