Unified Storage significance in SMBs and MNCs

Enterprise data is witnessing exponential growth and so businesses are visualizing a heavy demand to secure and store crucial information on a long term basis owing to compliance needs, while ensuring that it stays highly accessible in case of any unforeseen disaster.

Poor storage utilization, management of external storage systems and requirement to assist in data and storage protection at branch as well as remote offices are few of the major challenges that companies are dealing with in today’s digital world.

Adding to the situation, the effects of server virtualization also need huge focus on storage management expenses, along with other increased performance demands.

This is where Unified Storage Server solutions can help businesses tackle all these challenges with ease. On an additional note these solutions ensure regulatory compliance, high data accessibility and fast disaster recovery.

As per a survey conducted by Enterprise Strategy Group Research report, Unified Storage is fast gaining significance with increased market adoption. According to a 2014 survey made by the group, almost 70 percent of organizations have consolidated their SAN and NAS systems by using Unified Storage Servers in their data centers.

Features and advantages of Unified Storage Server solutions

  • Eminent service providers of Unified Storage systems have introduced customized recovery, unified storage and backup solutions, that allow organizations to minimize backup expenses, enhance protection and streamline data recovery.
  • The said converged architecture has paved way to the emergence of hyper converged infrastructure in late 2014 where storage, computing, networking and virtualization are closely integrated.
  • In addition to that, there is the deduplication feature system that significantly reduces the quantity of disk storage required to secure and maintain enterprise information.
  • While discussing on unified storage it is pertinent to discuss about storage consolidation as well. This refers to the sharing and consolidating storage resources amongst several application servers. The consolidation provides a shared platform to manage and assign increasing demands for data storage while minimizing administrative attempts and enhancing storage utilization
  • On an overall note, these solutions use high-end technologies in order to improve efficiencies, maximize the storage assets, and help in operations with the existing infrastructure.

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