Survey says SMBs prefer both online and Onsite backup for data protection

Data intensive enterprises very well know how precious their data is to them and so nearly half of small and medium scale businesses in US say that they are using both on-site and online solutions. This was revealed in a new survey conducted by Clutch, a leading B2B research firm.

The survey also revealed that many SMBs steadfastly hold to on-site backup, with 42% of those surveyed reporting that its more important than online backup. The study discovered that in past two years alone, 63% of SMBs have adopted cloud based backup solutions. Despite this surge, nearly 90% of SMBs continue to backup their data both online and on-site. The trend is to be expected, say cloud backup and disaster recovery industry analysts.

One of the reasons why SMBs are feeling reluctant to abandon on-site backup and adopt cloud based backup exclusively is due to security and loss of control over important data.

Things have improved in recent times for cloud based backup and recovery market to a large extent, says Clutch survey.

StoneFly keeps an eye on these dynamic trends of backup and disaster recovery market and offers solutions accordingly.

The Backup and disaster recovery solution catalog of StoneFly includes On-site as well Offsite data protection products.

StoneFly Cloud Backup Connect offers an easy and affordable way to begin storing your valuable server and workstation backups in cloud. This solution is compatible with any existing enterprise backup software you might already be using and acts as a backup connector to a private, public and hybrid cloud of customer’s choice. StoneFly CDR365 is a cloud disaster recovery service which restores backups anytime, from anywhere. It acts like a perfect online backup solution that automates data backup to secure cloud storage.

Apart from Offsite backups, StoneFly also offers onsite or physical backup appliances. This includes a hyper converged backup and recovery appliance in the catalog.

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