Pure Storage offers a buyback policy with innovation!

California based Pure Storage has come up with a new buyback offer which has a bit of innovation. As a part of update to Pure’s Evergreen Storage initiative the company will be helping enterprises keep up with data growth by easing out the pain of storage upgrades and migrations in an age when companies want IT resources available at all time.

The program works as follows- As soon as an enterprise feels the need for more capacity on a Pure Storage array and buys a new one from the same firm, it will get a new appliance in the same size shelf because flash continues to get denser- means high capacity flash will be included on the new appliance. The buyer can then migrate all his data from the old appliance to the new one, while keeping it available to users all time (zero downtime).

Pure Storage’s new buyback program shows its prevalence from here. The company will charge whatever capacity on the new shelf is taken up by old data that’s migrated from the old hardware. In this way, customers do not have to buy the same storage twice. The best part of this Evergreen storage initiative is that people can use the Shelf Evacuation technique to ensure data remains available during the migration from old to new flash.

The other highlight of this program is that users will be charged for the capacity used after data reduction techniques such as deduplication have been implemented.

Before the program is implemented, the Mountain View based company will ask customers how much data they have now and how much data they will expect to grow over the next six months. The company then collects the info about how well data reduction has worked on all its customers’ data and uses it to predict how much effective capacity the customer will really need in next six months. If the customer runs out of space within six months, then Pure will upgrade a new storage with double the used capacity for free of charge.

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