Want to view 12 monitors at a time through a single viewing console

Video surveillance needs are evolving and so are the challenges of those working in a central monitoring station. Due to tightened surveillance budgets often it is observed that professionals managing viewing stations have to keep a check on Capex and Opex costs. Means, they are asked to lessen the costs incurred on new hardware equipment and maintenance costs.

This is where DNF Security VC9500 Video Workstations proves its worth. The VC9500 offers a standalone monitoring management gateway with support up to 12 monitors, for complete surveillance control at your fingertips. So, instead of using 2-3 viewing consoles, you can just replace all of them with a single video management system.

DNF VC9500 video workstation can prove as an ultimate viewing center console used for mission critical surveillance. This video workstation appliance comes in a convertible tower chassis that can also be utilized as a 4U rackmount chassis. High performance features include 64-bit dual or quad-core Intel 4th-generation Haswell processors, up to 32GB high-speed video cache (8GB standard), and dual copper Gigabit Ethernet connectivity.

DNF VC9500 is loaded with 2 in number 500GB hard disks taking total raw capacity to 1TB. On an additional note, DNF VC9500 video workstation is also integrated with DNF Cloud Connection platform for archival purposes. With this integration, users can store all live recordings on the appliance and can push archives to a secure StoneFly Cloud Drive hosted on Microsoft Azure or the StoneFly Cloud Business Center.

This appliance is highly customizable as per the needs of customers and so can be loaded with a Windows 7 or Windows 8 OS.

  • DNF VC9500 video workstation can be used to monitor traffic signals and highways.
  • IT can be used by coders who want to view their code on one display with the other display reserved for documentation. They can just glance over at the documentation and look back at their primary workspace. The only thing we need to do is not load a video management software related to surveillance.
  • Also anyone who needs to view something while working- like viewing a web page while writing an email, viewing another document while writing something, or working with two large spreadsheets and having both visible at once can use this video console
  • People who need to keep an eye on information, whether it’s email or up-to-date statistics, while working.
  • Gamers who want to see more of the game world, extending the game across multiple displays.
  • Geeks who just want to watch a video on one screen while doing something else on the other screen can have this console installed.

For more details click on DNF VC9500 video workstation weblink


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