What to look for in an outdoor security surveillance camera

While shopping for an outdoor security surveillance camera to secure your family or property, every security camera gives us a conviction that it’s a perfect choice; but in reality is not. Here are some features you ought to look out in them.

Weather resistant- Cameras installed outside a premises will be exposed to errant weather conditions such as rain, heat, snow, and wind. So, the security camera should have the potential to withstand all these conditions and continue its operations. The degree of resistance is different in all types of cameras. Best is to look for the camera with ingress protection grade of 65 and above.

Light- Outdoor security cameras will obviously be exposed to many light conditions. Sometimes they can be severely exposed to extreme light conditions such as bright daylight to minimum of light available during the night. A WDR enabled out door camera gives clear images in an extreme light condition in the background against the object. The night vision feature generates images even in minimum light conditions.

Picture quality- When it comes to picture quality, there are numerous technological options available to get the picture quality as per our expectations. The outdoor camera must have the capability of dealing with features such as motion detection, face recognition, and number plate recognition, body count and so on… It however depends on the premises at which it is being installed.

Coverage area- Security camera selection depends on the area you wish to monitor. From small area like the backyard to a wide area like a construction site or a parking attic- the selection depends on these factors. Users can also get the coverage area customized if the range is not available.

Vandal proof- When the camera is being installed on outdoors, it should be strong enough to protect the lens from being destructed. Here, the presence of a safe and secure outdoor camera housing will be needed. Also the camera should have an intrusion alarm just in case if someone tries to break the cable or tamper with the connection.

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