Want a remote iSCSI drive on fly

Want to add mass amounts of storage to your workstation or server in a matter of minutes all without an investment on new hardware? If this is what your intention is then StoneFly offers an apt solution in the form of StoneFly Virtual Dedicated Storage(VDS) which implements a Remote iSCSI drive hosted in Cloud Business Center.

Remote iSCSI Drive offered by StoneFly Inc can act as affordable resources to quickly add storage on fly. Users can immediately save on the capital expenses that come with the purchase of a physical appliance, along with operating expenses such as power and cooling costs.

Virtual Dedicated Storage of StoneFly is being offered with all of the advanced data storage management options which include volume encryption, data deduplication, replication, mirroring and snapshots.

So, with StoneFly’s Remote iSCSI Drives and Virtual Dedicated Storage users can rest assured that their data is secure and protected against data losses caused by tsunami, fire, floods striking the data center; man made errors such as misconfiguration of software and cyber threats such as ransomware.

Users can use this remote iSCSI drive as a backup and disaster recovery platform, and as an off-site storage for regulatory compliance and as an advanced disaster recovery solution.

For users who are concerned about data security, StoneFly Remote iSCSI drive is protected by hardware enabled block level AES 256 volume encryption. Means, the encryption algorithm is automatic and is built right in with a small chip inside the storage appliance, unlike a software encryption which does not provide the full security that businesses are expecting, to keep sensitive information from falling into wrong hands. In this procedure if original data is encrypted, it becomes undecipherable in the background and is locked away under encrypted storage within the drive. The data opens only to valid user who enter the private password and decrypts data.

The remote iSCSI drive offered by StoneFly is hosted on StoneFly’s world class hyper converged Unified server and storage appliances. These systems include dual hexacore storage virtualization engines, hot swappable disk drives, hardware raids with cache battery backup for data protection against disk failures, redundant hot swappable power supply modules, and multiple iSCSI connections with port teaming, failover and load balancing to maximize system up time and allow unbound access to users.

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